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The Folk Harp Journal is a wonderful resource for all harp players, from the complete novice to the master.



With regular articles on such diverse subjects as harp journeys and travels to interesting places, harp building, all breeds of harps, harp maintenance and accessories. The FHJ features news and reviews of past and upcoming events, news from the ISFHC Chapters, tips and tricks for being a great harpist, Harp Classifieds, and TONS of printed music, it's a wonder we can contain it all between the covers!



This is what you might find in just one issue of the Folk Harp Journal:


  • Lots of great music
  • Sheet music and CD reviews
  • A memorization article
  • An article on practice habits
  • A report on a recent festival
  • Laurie Riley's “Quick Fixes for Common Challenges”
  • Anne Roos discussing “The Harper in Business”
  • Advertisers Index
  • Classifieds
  • Membership Form
  • Letter From the Editor


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The Folk Harp Journal is published four times per year according to the following schedule:
Issue                Deadline          Expected Mailing Date
Spring Issue    8-Jan               15-Feb
Summer Issue  8-Apr              15-May
Fall Issue         8-Jul                15-Aug
Winter Issue    8-Oct               15-Nov









If you're wondering what the Folk Harp Journal is like, click the link below to see a partial issue. The link will show you part of a recent issue. We hope it will be a teaser and help you decide to join the society and receive four issues annually of music, articles, and all the harp information you could want!

A Folk Harp Journal Sampler






If you're wondering where your FHJ issue is, please email Alice at:


If you’d like to submit an article for publication in the journal, we would be thrilled. Please review these submission guidelines. Then email the editor, Beth Stockdell, at



If you need information about placing an advertisement with the FHJ, please see our Advertisers page. Then, email Beth at:

Classified Ads (free to members) go to Karen Poulakos at

Requests for sheet music reviews should be sent to Denise Grupp-Verbon at
Requests for CD Music reviews should be sent to Martha Gallagher at (send e-mail for mailing instructions)


Back issues of the Folk Harp Journal may be purchased from Musicmakers.
Please click here to order online.


Early Harp Journal Index. This link will take you to a page that is an index of articles written for the folk harp journal through 1998. The alphabet links on the page will bring you to a list of articles that start with that letter. These articles can be found in the past issues that you can get from Jerry Brown. Click on a letter and you'll see all the articles with titles that begin with that letter.  

To subscribe to the Folk Harp Journal, you simply become a member of the ISFHC.



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