Folk Harp Journal Index

Welcome to the Folk Harp Journal Index. This page is an index of articles written for the folk harp journal through 1998. I don't know who

actually put it together, but it was housed by Henry Houh for many many years and not until he entered a post on the Yahoo Harplist did

anyone on the ISFHC board know how to get a hold of him (although we tried). After contacting Henry, he sent me these files and we have

now put them up on the ISFHC website. The alphabet links on the page will bring you to a list of articles that start with that letter and tell you

which issue of the Folk Harp Journal you can find it in. So click on a letter and you'll see all the articles that begin with that letter. If anyone is interested in updating this webpage with more current articles, let us know. We can work with you on it.


These articles can be found in the past issues that you can get from Jerry Brown.

If you would like to order back issues


Please contact the Jerry Brown at 432 KITS (5487)
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